All Adagio Leather bracelets, ankle bracelets and chokers can be made to order with or without rhinestones and beads. If you give me lettering or a design you'd like and the measurement of your wrist, ankle or neck,  I'll do my best to accomodate your order.  You can also browse the design page to come up with your own combination of colors and accents. Contact me at

Below is a list of symbols, designs and translations I have used in creating pieces. Please skim it for any personal significance you might want to include in your design:

 Gra'im Thu CelticI love you 
 Le gra' go deo Celtic With love forever
 Go si orai Celtic forever
 Loach Celtic Warrior
 Draoi Celtic Wizard
 Deirfiuir Celtic Sister
 E'ireann go bra'ch Irish Ireland Forever
 Sla'inte Celtic Cheers
 Esto Perpetua Latin Let it be forever
 Ex Amino Latin From the heart
 Hinc illae lacrimae Latin Hence these tears
 Pulvis et umbra sumus Latin We are dust and shadows
 Vade Mecum Latin Come with me
 Pax VobiscumLatin Peace be with you
 Vademecum Latin Go with me
 Deus est intus Latin God is within
 Verba Volant, Scripta Manent Latin Spoken words fly, written words are permanent
 Neutiquam Erro Latin I am not lost
 Tempus Fugit Latin Time flies
 Mea anima est cum te Latin My heart is with you
 Cemel Dosce Latin Know thyself
 Ad vitam aeternum Latin For all time
 Alis volat propiis Latin She flies with her own wings
 Beati pacifici Latin Blessed are the peacemakers
 Cocoethes Scribendi Latin An insatiable urge to write
 Contra Mundum Latin Against the world
 Credo ut intelligam Latin I believe in order that I may understand
 Da mihi basilia mille Latin Kiss me with 1000 kisses
 Est queadam Latin "There is a certain pleasure in tears" -Ovis

Butterfly "Dealan-de"  Celtic Free from self-imposed restrictions; clarity 
 Seagulls "Faoilleann" Celtic Spirit of the sea 
 Celtic Cross Celtic Pagan transition to Christianity 
 Tree of Life Celtic Unites heaven and earth; spiritual nourishment 
 Triskele Celtic Domains of physical existence; earth, water, sky; also reincarnation 
 Triquetra Celtic 3 stages of goddess: maiden, mother, crone or Christian trinity 
 Double Spiral Celtic Equinoxes and balance 
 Clockwise Spiral Celtic Sun, ideas, growth, energy 
 Awen Rays Celtic Balance of male/spirit/female 
 Goddess Celtic Life force, wisdom, magic 
 Triple Moon Celtic Woman kind: waxing, waning, full 
 Pentangle Celtic Wheel of life; seasons in procession 
 Sun Wheel Celtic Druid solar calendar