1. Safe Haven AIDS Project, proceeds to Safe Haven

2.  Safe Haven AIDS Project, proceeds to Safe Haven
(contact me for more information on this project)

3.  Peace Dancer bracelet

4.  Geometric leather bracelet

5.  Suede cuff bracelet based on "Eragon" designed for my fanatic niece (front and back)

6.  Wide Suede with clear spots and silver beads

7.  Seagull on bleached leather bracelet with silver beads or plain

8.  Dyed lavender leather bracelet with butterfly plain or with stone

9.  Seagull, wave, moon on natural leather bracelet

10.  Blue tree of life bracelet with silver beads

12.  Give Peace a Chance on bleached leather with beads


13.  Butterfly bracelet with awen rays (male-spirit-female)

14.  Purple thistle bracelet with lavender rhinestones

15.  Natural bleached leather bracelet tree of life, no beads.

16.  Ireland Forever, natural leather bracelet, green stone, beads

17.  Irish "Sister" natural leather bracelet, pink stone, silver beads

18.  Bluebird, natural leather bracelet, blue suede lace

19.  Irish "Forever" with aqua stones, tie-dyed leather, aqua suede lace

20.  Unbleached natural leather bracelet with triquetra and celtic crosses & green stones.

21.  Irish "I love You", clear stone, love bird, beads, natural leather bracelet

22.  Clear stones in moons, celtic double spiral: equinoxes/balance, bleached leather

23.  Moons and stones on natural leather bracelet with blue suede lace

24.  Clover on bleached leather bracelet with beads

25.  Clover leather choker with clear stone and beads. Laces hang down in back  weighted by beads.

26.  Bleached leather bracelet, single celtic cross, silver beads

27.  Natural leather bracelet with celtic cross/trees of life/beads

28.  Bleached leather bracelet, celtic cross, blue stones/laces

29.  Burnished leather bracelet with peace signs

30.  Pentangle moons, aqua stones on natural leather bracelet

31.  Tanned leather bracelet , single stone, beads

32.  Ankle bracelet, bleached leather, celtic cross

33.  Burnished leather bracelet, thistles, beads

34.  Remembrance leather braclet

35.  Bleached leather bracelet, tree of life, celtic mother/daughter/grandmother sign, beads

36.  Bleached leather bracelet, tree of life, moons, matching lace

37.  Dyed leather bracelet, moon tide with silver beads, black laces

38.  Waves and seagull on natural leather bracelet

39.  Waves on bleached leather bracelet

Before you go, click on the custom page and browse the celtic and latin sayings and cletic symbols available to incorporate into your design.